Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's In Your Creative Space?

I love blog-browsing.  
Just seeing what others are up to
is such an inspiration.

So I thought it would be fun 
to show my blogger buddies
what's in my creative space.

I actually have two Creative Spaces...
My Textile Arts Studio -
aka my Sewing Room!
It houses my quilt making stuff,
my cross stitch patterns, threads, and fabrics,
my crochet stuff, and my rug hooking wools.

I also have My Mixed Media Studio - 
aka my Craft and Creative Room!
In there lives my jewelry making beads, tools, etc,
my journaling junk, and my stamping stuff.

Both rooms are packed!
I need an intervention!

Here are some pictures of My Mixed Media Studio ---

This is my work table.  
A bit chaotic, but I love it.
Everything is within reach 
and I can look out the window
to keep an eye on the neighborhood.  :)

I'm working on travel journals for my sister and me 
from our trip to Paris last year.  Such fun!

Here is my library of wonderful books 
filled with ideas and inspiration.
Lots of happy trinkets and treasures, too.

This smaller table is located to my left
while I'm sitting at my work table.
Loaded with lots of gotta-have supplies.

These shelves are on the wall opposite my work table.
Beads and baubles, papers and pretties,
and tools are housed here.

Love my Lambchops from my sister.

The old library cabinet has stamping stuff in it.

These shelves also house papers and ephemera
for journaling and paper arts like book making.

My favorite - the printer's cabinet!
In here lives more jewelry making goodies
as well as lots of Tim Holtz treasures.

This room gives me such comfort.
Though it's a bit crazy...I love it!

What is your creative space like?
Is it a cozy corner in the dining room?
A little niche in your den or bedroom?
Tell me about it...I'd love to know.

And if you leave a comment about your creative space
you will be entered into a drawing to win
some organizational items.
We all need organizational goodies - huh?

blessings to you on your creative journey.  :D


  1. I am always amazed at some of the rooms I see online or in magazine articles... so neat and clean! Mine is very disorganized! Frustrating because I can't locate what I want when I want to use it. I really have to figure out a way to tidy it up!

    1. I hear ya! My creative spaces are far from organized and are quite chaotic. Look at that crazy work table! But I love 'em!

      Thank you, Denise, for your comment.

  2. I stitch in my kitchen but the 2 spare bedrooms are full of my clutter and I have a big bookcase in the boiler room full of inspiration. My 3 sewing machines and embellishing machine seem to have taken up residence in the lounge when not in use, just as well I love on my own!

  3. Yes, Margaret, living by ourselves definitely has its benefits. It's just me and my three dogs and one kitty.

    I appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

  4. Yours is a wonderful space to create your visions of quilty/crafty designs! My sewing/quilting room is coming along and my loft has been emptied to make room for a new Babylock Crown Jewel II long arm! The learning curve is at zero today... but I have hope for the future! Thanks for sharing your space! I really enjoyed your post!

    1. Oh, what fun to have all your renovating and remodeling projects going on! Best of luck on your long arm.

      Thank you for your comment. Good luck in the drawing. :D

  5. I organized my sewing room two months ago. Now I have a problem: I can't find anything! I'll wait patiently until I get back to the way it used to be. I am getting there little by little, one fat quarter at a time, one patten, one thread spool, one book. I'll get there sooner than what I am willing to admit. In fact, I'm almost there.

    1. Thank you, Tania, for your comment. Look forward to seeing your new quilting room.

  6. Yep! This is what we do and where we do it! And we love it, don't we!!!!!

  7. Yep! This is what we do and where we do it! And we love it, don't we!!!!!