Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Why Do I Blog?," She Asked.

Today in one of my blog-bouncing moments

She had a very thought provoking post about
blog friends and real life friends 
that can be read here:

So I commented.
Here is my comment...

"I have face-to-face friends that I get together with every week.  We are quilters and crocheters and cross-stitchers.  We chat about life - our children, our dogs, our husbands or significant others.  We share what our next projects will be...an upcoming quilters' retreat (that I am hosting!)...our favorite blogs or websites.  But we shy away from talking about/sharing about ourselves.  Our fears - our worries - our shortcomings.  Why is that?  It is so much easier to share with strangers than people we see every day or at least every week.  And safer - far safer!  No worry that someone may go spread your secrets with others - it's already out there!  No worry about being judged or talked about at church or the next lunch date.  Which is best is determined by where you feel you can be you --- all the time!  And be accepted for being who you are and who you are not."   :D

What do you think?

Here's what I think about 
my blog,
my blog posts,
my blog bouncing,
my blog friends... 

I began blogging as way to share 
what I have created and what I have experienced.

I have to admit I wanted to have people comment on each and every post.
After all, that's what I'd seen people do on other blogs.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I wanted to blog on a regular basis.
I took pictures galore of my daily life.
I looked at everything as "I can blog about this!"
By golly, I was going to blog everyday -
or at least several times a week.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I wanted to have followers and people that visited regularly.
I've had numerous giveaways - just leave a comment!
I've been in various Blog Hops - got lots of comments then!
I really believed readers would come by to see what was going on.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I've been discouraged.
Why are some people's blogs so popular?

I've been frustrated.
What can I do to make my blog better?

But I've also been grateful.
For those who do visit my blog -
even if they don't leave a comment.
(I even wrote a post about that...
Called LACE - 
Leave A Comment Everytime!

I've been awed.
At the number of followers that my blog has.

I've also been flattered.
When someone compliments me on something I've made.
Or comments on something I've done.

So why do we blog?
I blog because I want to share ---
--- the joy of making something by hand.
--- the love of a place I've visited.

I blog for me.
(Okay - I admit...I still want the comments and compliments!)

blessings be to you for all you do.
denise  :D

Monday, September 1, 2014

BiG Thank You!

I'd like to announce the winners of my recent

Made-Just-For-You Blog Giveaway Gift...

Thank you, Sandy and Angela,

for leaving a comment on my
"What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?" Blog Post!

These lovely ladies have been sent an email and 
as soon as they tell me a little bit about themselves
I will put together a very special package of goodies for them.

I appreciate you both.
abundant blessings, denise  :D