Monday, December 22, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - Clue #4

Bonnie posted Clue #4 of her Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt!  Yippee!

You can read all about it here on her blog:

Here is my progress...

This clue used more of the yellow and black squares from Clue #1.

Then added with these two half-square triangles...

to make these two different Broken Dishes units...

So here is Clue #4...the only two I have made!

Been busy with physical therapy for this crazy broken arm.  
Have to schedule surgery for a pesky hernia.
Getting ready to go to Puerto Rico for a wedding.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas.
denise  :D

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt 2014

Since the day after Thanksgiving I have been participating in
Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Mystery Quilt - Grand Illusions.

You can read all about it here:

I wanted to share my version with ya'll.

First - here are my fabric choices:

Bonnie chose her colors based on the beautiful
Grand Illusion Hotel she recently visited.

She is going with a scrappy quilt - using several fabrics in each color.
I wanted to use the same fabrics throughout my quilt.
I also chose this fun pink print for my "neutral" fabric.

Clue #1:

Lots of Half-Square Triangles...

Sewn together with some yellow and black squares...

Makes this cute little unit.  Clue #1 complete!

Clue #2:

Using some pink and black squares and background rectangles...

Resulted in this diagonal unit for Clue #2.  Clue #2 in progress!

Clue #3:

Using strips of the green, black, and background fabrics
gave me my Clue #3 units.  Clue #3 - lots more to go!

It's going to be quite interesting to see how all these units go together.
Isn't it?  I can't wait!

I love Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts and scrappy quilts.
If you are not familiar with her, then you will want to check her out.

You will be able to visit some of the other participant's blogs
on Bonnie's Monday Link-Up.

Have fun!  That's what it's all about!
blessings, denise  :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Why Do I Blog?," She Asked.

Today in one of my blog-bouncing moments

She had a very thought provoking post about
blog friends and real life friends 
that can be read here:

So I commented.
Here is my comment...

"I have face-to-face friends that I get together with every week.  We are quilters and crocheters and cross-stitchers.  We chat about life - our children, our dogs, our husbands or significant others.  We share what our next projects will upcoming quilters' retreat (that I am hosting!)...our favorite blogs or websites.  But we shy away from talking about/sharing about ourselves.  Our fears - our worries - our shortcomings.  Why is that?  It is so much easier to share with strangers than people we see every day or at least every week.  And safer - far safer!  No worry that someone may go spread your secrets with others - it's already out there!  No worry about being judged or talked about at church or the next lunch date.  Which is best is determined by where you feel you can be you --- all the time!  And be accepted for being who you are and who you are not."   :D

What do you think?

Here's what I think about 
my blog,
my blog posts,
my blog bouncing,
my blog friends... 

I began blogging as way to share 
what I have created and what I have experienced.

I have to admit I wanted to have people comment on each and every post.
After all, that's what I'd seen people do on other blogs.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I wanted to blog on a regular basis.
I took pictures galore of my daily life.
I looked at everything as "I can blog about this!"
By golly, I was going to blog everyday -
or at least several times a week.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I wanted to have followers and people that visited regularly.
I've had numerous giveaways - just leave a comment!
I've been in various Blog Hops - got lots of comments then!
I really believed readers would come by to see what was going on.
But that didn't happen.  :(

I've been discouraged.
Why are some people's blogs so popular?

I've been frustrated.
What can I do to make my blog better?

But I've also been grateful.
For those who do visit my blog -
even if they don't leave a comment.
(I even wrote a post about that...
Called LACE - 
Leave A Comment Everytime!

I've been awed.
At the number of followers that my blog has.

I've also been flattered.
When someone compliments me on something I've made.
Or comments on something I've done.

So why do we blog?
I blog because I want to share ---
--- the joy of making something by hand.
--- the love of a place I've visited.

I blog for me.
(Okay - I admit...I still want the comments and compliments!)

blessings be to you for all you do.
denise  :D

Monday, September 1, 2014

BiG Thank You!

I'd like to announce the winners of my recent

Made-Just-For-You Blog Giveaway Gift...

Thank you, Sandy and Angela,

for leaving a comment on my
"What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?" Blog Post!

These lovely ladies have been sent an email and 
as soon as they tell me a little bit about themselves
I will put together a very special package of goodies for them.

I appreciate you both.
abundant blessings, denise  :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

Earlier this year I discovered  
Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 Challenge.

I was pittling around Pinterest one day and found 
some terrific crocheted blankets using granny squares.  
One was found on Attic24  and the other was on Crochetime.  

As I was reading through the Crochetime blog I found that the author, 
Natasja, was participating in an oh-so-fun-looking challenge 
called “Crochet Mood Blanket 2014″.  

I was fascinated by the idea of creating this blanket one square at a time
with each granny square representing that day's mood.  
The idea came from an Instagramer called mummy_stacey 
and she posted the rules here. 
Really quite crochet or knit a square or stripe
 every day or every week  in 2014 that represents your mood.

So I got started picking my yarn colors and moods.
Easier said than done!
Instead of picking my moods and trying to find a color,
I choose my colors and then assigned the moods.
I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn.  Love it!

I began crocheting my little heart out - a granny square a day.
Then I realized that I would have a HUGE blanket by the end of the year.
So I decided to make 3 blankets - each representing 4 months of moods.

Here is Roxey modeling the first one:

And here is my second one is progress:

These guys are waiting their turn to be added:

To say I am behind would be a grave understatement!
But I'm getting it done...slowly!  Very, very slowly!

My final one will be a granny stripe blanket something like this:

This is one of many gorgeous creation by Lucy at Attic 24.

There is a Crochet Mood Blanket Facebook Group.
And if you just Google
Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 
you will find lots of blog posts and images.

Happy crocheting, quilting, crafting, cross-stitching, creating
to you all with warm hugs!  denise  :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?

You know that popular 1986 song by Janet Jackson, 
"What Have You Done For Me Lately?"

Well, I was humming it in my head...okay, singing it out loud!
But I changed the lyrics up a bit ---
"What have you done for YOU lately?"

Well, think about it for a moment.
We do so much for others -
our children 
our spouse or significant other
our family
our friends
our coworkers
our neighbors
people we like
even people we don't like!

But what about the most important person of all?

Why is it whenever we do something for ourselves
we feel guilty?  or selfish? or undeserving?

I have felt this way my whole life.
My mother sure made sure I felt that way. :(
My significant other tells me often enough.
I should believe it now for sure!
But I don't! 
 I refuse to believe that I am the selfish, self-centered,
"It's all about you" person that they say I am.

I am just as important as any of the other people in my life.
I deserve to be happy - to do nice things for myself.
Like sleeping late (now that I'm retired since June)
Like working in my studio/work room/playroom.
Like spending hours on Pinterest or reading blogs.
Like cuddling and kissing my baby dogs.
Like eating cereal for dinner.
Like watching episodes of Criminal Minds one after another.
Or Hallmark movies all day

I deserve it!  You deserve it!

What have you done for yourself lately?

Leave a comment about what you have done lately for yourself
by Friday, September 29th for a chance to win an
"All About You" Giveaway

Be sure to leave your contact information.  :)
Take good care of yourself.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paris With My Sister

Paris with my sister - June 11th - 19th, 2014.
We had the time of our lives!

We arrived to a demonstration right outside our hotel.
There was a multitude of various unions.
They were having a transportation strike.
Our taxi had to drop us off two blocks from our hotel.
We had to walk through the demonstration.
Complete with riot police.

This is our hotel!

Oh, my!  Welcome to Paris!

But that didn't stop us from checking in -
dropping off our luggage - 
and heading out for a bite to eat.

We saw the Arc de Triomphe...

We shopped and bought pretty hats from vendors at the Louvre...
We shopped as we walked!...

We saw the Eiffel Tower...

She bought lots of shoes and scarves...

We saw the Musee d'Orsay...

We rested on the lush grass of the Louvre...

We visited the Louvre - along with thousands of others!...

We took silly pictures...

We rode the Metro...

And didn't get lost even once!...

We ate yummy food...

We visited Notre Dame Cathedral...

We felt blessed...

We took a river cruise on the Seine River...

We had the most wonderful time together.
My sister and me!

Come back tomorrow for
more pictures of our adventure.  :D

Listen To Your Heart

Oh, I am a bad mommy.  I very, very bad mommy.  :(

On Tuesday of this week I made the decision - very poor decision -
to surrender ownership of my dear Roxey.

Roxey barked too much.
Roxey ran when the front door was opened.
Roxey chewed up random things.
Roxey peed and pooped in the house.

Roxey is the most loving and loveable dog ever!

Belle missed her sweet friend, Roxey.

I missed my snuggly bed buddy, Roxey.

My daughter was sad that her mommy didn't have Roxey.

The terrific trio were not together.
Roxey was gone.

I had a long talk with God last night -
(A very long talk - I couldn't sleep)
 He told me to "bring that baby home where she belongs."

A peace filled me. 
 I awoke this morning feeling it would all be okay.

So a friend and I went to the human society to retrieve my Roxey.
She will be 'released for adoption' on Tuesday.
Roxey and I will go to doggy school together.
I will be a better mommy.  :)

Roxey is coming home!

I have learned to always Listen To My Heart!

Thank you, God, for protecting my precious baby
until she can be home in my arms.

Roxey kisses to you all.  Woof!  :D

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh, My! 5 Months Have Gone By!

Oh, my!  5 months have gone by!

I said I was going to post on a more regular basis...
well, I haven't been doing so good now - have I?

I read other people's wonderful blogs 
I see all the wonderful things they are making or doing, 
all the wonderful places they are going ---
and then I wonder...
why haven't I been sharing 
all the wonderful things in life?

So here's some of the wonderful stuff I've been making...

...crocheted scarves for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Christy,
and my two daughters, Bekah and Jenn.

...and a scrappy batik quilt that I taught at our quilt guild.
It is from one of the "Stack The Deck" books.

...and my Sylvia's Bridal Quilt blocks.
I using all Civil War reproduction prints.

What have you been working on lately?
Quilting - crochet - cross stitch?
Art journaling - daily planners?

Tell me!  I'd love to know! 
What wonderful things have you been doing?

blessings, denise   :D

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blue Monday

Well, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to blog on a more regular basis.

It makes my heart smile when I go back and see that there are
real-live visitors who read my blog and
 my faithful followers who stop by every now and again.

I feel like I'm letting these fellow bloggers down by not having anything new,
so here we go with my first post of many for 2014.

It's Blue Monday!

You can read more about Blue Monday on Smiling Sally's blog. 
Participants are invited to post something blue on their blogs each Monday.

Here's what I have for you today...

This is my best friend and bestest sister, Sherri.
We were in Ruidoso, New Mexico on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

It was gently snowing on us as we enjoyed the jingle bells and Christmas lights.
Then we were warmed by a cup of yummy hot chocolate.


Next I want to share something very special to me...

The necklace above is one of my late mother's many pieces of jewelry.
She always was so well put-together --- 
with beautiful pieces that complemented her outfits
(Which more often than not were handmade.)

Her jewelry wasn't fancy - what most call  "costume jewelry" -
but she was always gorgeous in my eyes!

I was in an online Charm Swap awhile back.
The color theme was blue and silver.
I made my charms from my mother's necklace. 
I wanted to share her legacy.  :)

And now I'd like to share her legacy with you as well.

Here's what you gotta do:

First leave a comment on my blog.
    Then I will contact you about a one-on-one charm swap.
   (ie you send me a charm and I send you a charm.)

Simple as that!  What do you say?...wanna play?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for stopping by.
blessings, denise  :D