Monday, June 29, 2015

More Bracelets Minus Dangles and Charms

Like I said in my last blog post, 
I have been making more bracelets 
minus the many charms and dangles.

Have a look-see!...

This is a Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet with each bead
representing one of the Fruit of the Spirit 
according to Galatians 5:22-23.

Pink represents Love -
Gold represents Joy -
Pearl represents Peace - 
Purple represents Patience -
Red represents Kindness -
Green represents Goodness - 
Blue represents Faithfulness -
Turquoise represents Gentleness -
Clear represents Self-Control.

Each bracelet that I create is unique - no two are exactly alike.

I use memory wire for the bracelets that I make.
No more struggling trying to put your bracelet on
when there's no one to help you out!

They are finished with a Made With Love Charm
and a Holy Spirit (bird) charm.

I've also made some other styles...

This is The Life of Christ Bracelet with each bead -
glass or silver - telling part of the special story
of the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ,
from His birth to His death.

These bracelets also have a Made With Love charm.
They each include a cross charm.

Each of these bracelets is also unique - one-of-a-kind - works of love.

They are available on Etsy at:

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I appreciate you stopping by my blog.
blessings to you and yours.  :D

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making Pretties!

I've been busy making bracelets and earrings the last couple of days.
I'm wanting to do more local Arts and Crafts Shows.
Oh, and some out-of-town ones would be great, too.
(Anyone got any suggestions?)

At my first Arts and Crafts Fair/Farmer's Market a few weeks ago
I received lots of positive feedback.
One comment that several people made though was
"I'm just into the dangley things."

So since all of the bracelets I had made were full of "dangley things"
I figured I needed some "not so dangley" bracelets.

Here are some John 3:16 Bracelets that I made.
Instead of using the sparkly beads like I previously had,
I used turquoise beads and silver components.
I use memory wire for easy-to-put-on bracelets.

Each bead or bead combination tells part of the scripture.

"For God (clear bead) so loved (heart bead) the world (round bead)
That He gave His only begotten son (cross bead) 
That whosoever believes in Him (Believe bead)
Shall not perish (black bead)
But have everlasting life (silver heart bead)." 

Each one is then finished with a beautiful cross
and one of my Made With Love heart charms.

This cross is one of my most favorite.
It is an "Ojo de Dios" - "Eye of God" - cross.
Just lovely!  

And here is a little peek at my crazy, messy creative space in use...

I try to gather all my main components and beads before I begin.
But still...I find myself always hopping from one bead container
to another to another until I find just the right piece.

Crazy creativity happening here!

I also made some earrings to coordinate with the bracelets.

Hearts - I love hearts!  God's love is abundant!

Crosses...Christ died for us for that we would have life eternal.

Birds...The Holy Spirit.

More Crosses.

All of these will be available on my Etsy Shop at:

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Thank you for stopping by.
blessings to you and yours.  :D

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's In Your Creative Space?

I love blog-browsing.  
Just seeing what others are up to
is such an inspiration.

So I thought it would be fun 
to show my blogger buddies
what's in my creative space.

I actually have two Creative Spaces...
My Textile Arts Studio -
aka my Sewing Room!
It houses my quilt making stuff,
my cross stitch patterns, threads, and fabrics,
my crochet stuff, and my rug hooking wools.

I also have My Mixed Media Studio - 
aka my Craft and Creative Room!
In there lives my jewelry making beads, tools, etc,
my journaling junk, and my stamping stuff.

Both rooms are packed!
I need an intervention!

Here are some pictures of My Mixed Media Studio ---

This is my work table.  
A bit chaotic, but I love it.
Everything is within reach 
and I can look out the window
to keep an eye on the neighborhood.  :)

I'm working on travel journals for my sister and me 
from our trip to Paris last year.  Such fun!

Here is my library of wonderful books 
filled with ideas and inspiration.
Lots of happy trinkets and treasures, too.

This smaller table is located to my left
while I'm sitting at my work table.
Loaded with lots of gotta-have supplies.

These shelves are on the wall opposite my work table.
Beads and baubles, papers and pretties,
and tools are housed here.

Love my Lambchops from my sister.

The old library cabinet has stamping stuff in it.

These shelves also house papers and ephemera
for journaling and paper arts like book making.

My favorite - the printer's cabinet!
In here lives more jewelry making goodies
as well as lots of Tim Holtz treasures.

This room gives me such comfort.
Though it's a bit crazy...I love it!

What is your creative space like?
Is it a cozy corner in the dining room?
A little niche in your den or bedroom?
Tell me about it...I'd love to know.

And if you leave a comment about your creative space
you will be entered into a drawing to win
some organizational items.
We all need organizational goodies - huh?

blessings to you on your creative journey.  :D

Friday, June 19, 2015

Made With Love

Many moons ago - okay...many, many moons ago -
I used to do arts and crafts shows with a friend.
She sold beautiful tole painted items
and I sold cross-stitch items.
Such happy memories.

For awhile now I've a had a hankering
to get to back into the arts and crafts show groove,
so when I heard about a farmer's market
and arts and crafts show at a nearby church
I thought "This is God telling me to do it".

My brain started churning...
and cranking...
and creating ideas of faith bracelets.

Let me show you what I made:

The Life of Christ Bracelet 
tells the story of our Lord Jesus Christ 
from His miraculous birth to His tragic death.
Each bead and charm tells a part of the story.

The Salvation Bracelet 
explains the gifts we receive
from our salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Lord's Prayer Bracelet 
is a beautiful rendition of the powerful prayer that God gave us.  
Each bead and charm represents part of the Lord's Prayer.

The Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet 
recites Galatians 5:22-23.
Each charm is an interpretation  of one on the fruits.

Each charm is unique and handmade by me.
I use beads from my mother's old jewelry, glass beads, 
vintage beads, rummage sale beads, and metal findings.

Each bracelet comes with an explanation
of the story it tells.

Each bracelet is different - no two are exactly alike.
They are available on my etsy shop at:

Would love for you to visit and see my other bracelets.
I named my new business Made With Love.

blessings of love to you.