Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making Pretties!

I've been busy making bracelets and earrings the last couple of days.
I'm wanting to do more local Arts and Crafts Shows.
Oh, and some out-of-town ones would be great, too.
(Anyone got any suggestions?)

At my first Arts and Crafts Fair/Farmer's Market a few weeks ago
I received lots of positive feedback.
One comment that several people made though was
"I'm just into the dangley things."

So since all of the bracelets I had made were full of "dangley things"
I figured I needed some "not so dangley" bracelets.

Here are some John 3:16 Bracelets that I made.
Instead of using the sparkly beads like I previously had,
I used turquoise beads and silver components.
I use memory wire for easy-to-put-on bracelets.

Each bead or bead combination tells part of the scripture.

"For God (clear bead) so loved (heart bead) the world (round bead)
That He gave His only begotten son (cross bead) 
That whosoever believes in Him (Believe bead)
Shall not perish (black bead)
But have everlasting life (silver heart bead)." 

Each one is then finished with a beautiful cross
and one of my Made With Love heart charms.

This cross is one of my most favorite.
It is an "Ojo de Dios" - "Eye of God" - cross.
Just lovely!  

And here is a little peek at my crazy, messy creative space in use...

I try to gather all my main components and beads before I begin.
But still...I find myself always hopping from one bead container
to another to another until I find just the right piece.

Crazy creativity happening here!

I also made some earrings to coordinate with the bracelets.

Hearts - I love hearts!  God's love is abundant!

Crosses...Christ died for us for that we would have life eternal.

Birds...The Holy Spirit.

More Crosses.

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Thank you for stopping by.
blessings to you and yours.  :D


  1. Beautiful! - I love that bracelet.

  2. Wonderful Christmas gifts! I'll be back!!! Thank you!