Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Win?...

Who wants to win something?
Here's what you gotta do...Leave a comment to this post no later than Friday, October 2. I will draw a name on Saturday to see who the lucky winner of a box of goodies perfect for the upcoming holiday creating.

Good luck! Hugs...denise

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chalk the Block Art Event

What fun we had at Chalk the Block Art Event

Just to give you an idea how large these works of art were. Gorgeous!

This past Sunday we went to Chalk the Block - an art event in downtown El Paso. Area artists had drawn various works of art on the sidewalks outside the art museum, but the heavy rains on Saturday night pretty much washed away their beautiful creations. We were able to get a few pictures, so I thought I'd share...
Art indeed comes in so many forms...just like artists!

Color your world happy!
May God shower you with His abundant love. denise

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hannah goes to the hospital

Today began with church, sang in the choir, guest pastor delivered a wonderful sermon, and ate lunch with my daughter, Bekah. Drove to the home of my church/choir member friend, Tori, for a nice afternoon of scrapbooking. Was going to work on my memory book from Creative Escape. Well, God had different plans. Tori's brown lab, Hannah, got bit by something. Her little eyes were swollen almost shut and her muzzle was HUGE. So off we drove to the animal emergency hospital - Hannah and Tori in the back seat and me driving the "doggie ambulance." After several hours...and many friends...two shots...and some TLC from the wonderful staff, Hannah was on the road to recovery. She was quite a popular girl! As we were leaving, people in the waiting room were saying, "Bye, Hannah."
Have you ever noticed how God has different plans for us quite often? Through Hannah's trip to the hospital Tori and I were able to meet many other dog and cat mommies and daddies. We witnessed the love they had for their "fur family." Some had happy endings...and some did not. We experienced the kindness and caring of the staff - even with the long wait. The doctor had an emergency surgery to perform. Her gift from God - saving the lives of animals. And last, but certainly not least, Tori and I were given the opportunity to become better friends.

So...thank you, God, for Hannah's trip to hospital. :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hot chiles on a cool day...

What a way to spend a cool fall morning - a leisurely drive through cotton fields and pecan groves to buy freshly picked and roasted long green chiles. These aren't just store-bought-roast-in-the-parking-lot chiles. No sir...these are fresh home-grown chiles from southern New Mexico - home of the best chiles ever. I'm a wimp...muy guera (very white girl in Spanish!). I had to buy the mild ones called Big Jims. They'll be great for chile rellenos, salsa, and quesadillas. Muy yummy, mi amigos.
In addition to cotton fields in bloom (guess that's what you call cotton that the little "pod" has opened and it's ready to be picked), we saw a quite unusual bird in the fields. Looked a lot like a sea gull. I'll have to ask my bird-friend, Karen, what that strange birdie is called.
Even met an old...really named Guero (white boy in Spanish.)

Cool morning with warm hearted friends. What a blessed Saturday morning. :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Something old...something new...

"Something old...something new." Not just for the lovely bride on her wedding day, but for each of us every day. Cherish something old and dear to you - a family photos perhaps, a piece of your grandmother's jewelry, a handmade card by your son or daughter (circa Kindergarten) - or your favorite doll when you were a little girl yourself. What do they all hold? Memories...memories of love and comfort. Today's moments will be tomorrow's memories. How will your preserve them?

I've promised myself to devote more time preserving those memories - thanks to Creative Escape - in the form of books. BIG books and little books - books with lots of pockets and folds and pages that reveal surprises. Books that take me back to those days of love and comfort. Yes, they did exist...if only in my little girl mind at times.

Another form of preserving those precious possessions is through jewelry making. Thanks to Art Unraveled and learning to solder, I can now make those wonderful necklaces and bracelets I've until now only admired from afar. Using my mother's and grandmother's jewelry, old silverware, and other trinkets, I plan to create lasting treasures not only for myself, but also for my sister, daughters, niece, niece-in-law, and sister-in-laws.

Make memories each day! With your family and friends - or just with yourself.
xoxo, denise

Thursday, September 10, 2009

God is good!

Indeed...God is good! It is through His adundance and bountiful blessings that I finally am "brave" enough to share some of my artistic creations with you. I had the opportunity to attend ARt Unraveled in AZ in August and then Creative Escape also in AZ. Wow! I learned so many new techniques, but the bestest thing I learned was to share myself with others. The friendships I made with others who share the same passions has been awesome.

God is good!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing Pains? :D

Well, found out today what was first presumed to be possible problems with breast pain may be heart concerns instead. Actually was hoping it was "growing pains"...could use a bit of help in that area! More doctor's appointments to see what's going on. Blood work wasn't too positive - high bad cholestrol and low good, plus triglycerites were way up there. I know our Heavenly Father watches over me.

Blessings, denise

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Labors

Ever so thankful for a 3-day weekend. Still trying to sort through all my goodies from Creative Escape and Art Unraveled. Gonna learn this blog posting stuff...eventually! Finished up some of the projects from CE - just love 'em. Went to out local stamp store today - spent way too much $$ money $$. May get the opportunity to teach some classes using some of what we learned at CE from the talented artists there.

Blessings to you all, denise