Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my lil' blog...

Tomorrow's Treasures Today

I am so pleased to have you join us for this event...

The "Grow Your Blog" Blog Hop Party is designed to
bring more visitors to each participant's blog.
To meet new friends...and fellow artists/creatists.
It is hosted by Vicki of 2 Bags Full

Please visit her blog for the list of almost 400 participants!

So let me tell you a bit about myself and my blog...
the who? what? when? where? and why?
I am a quilter!  I designed and taught this quilt as a camp project.

I am a mixed media artist!  I created this at a Tim Holtz class.
I am a paper artist!  I made this mini-journal for my honey at Valentine's.
I am a cross-stitcher!  I stitched this to remind myself to "Age Artfully".

I am a jewelry maker!  I made this necklace for my sweet sister.
I began my blog in August 2009.
I had just returned home from a fun event - 
Creative Escape - in Chandler, AZ.
I had heard so many women talking about their blogs
and I had no idea what they were even talking about!
My first post didn't even have any pictures in it.  :}
I had no idea how to upload them,
but I was determined to have a blog by golly!
I am first and foremost a quilter, cross-sticher, and crocheter,
but I had just ventured into the world of paper arts.
So that was what lead me to Creative Escape.
My mother had passed away the year before
after many torturous years of Alzheimer's.
It was like she spoke to me that summer - saying:
"Go!  Meet others like yourself.  Dare to Dream!"
She was and still is my inspiration to create.
She was an artist - a woman born before her time!
 She loved snowflakes.

So it is in memory of my marvelous mother that I am

giving away a little handmade snowflake mini-journal!

(Sorry...I didn't have it completed before this event to have a photo.)
Please leave a comment to be eligible to win.
Drawing will be held February 1st.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
If you would be so kind as to be a follower I'd be so happy!  :)
blessings, denise  :D


  1. I need to age artfully too, must look out for that pattern!! It is lovely to meet you again, I dropped by to see Sophie Louise earlier in the week. Enjoy the blog hop, and thank you for sharing a lovely surprise giveaway.

  2. What a lovely dedication to your Mother - and my aren't you talented! The camp quilt is delightful and I'm sure the giveaway will be equally as beautiful. x

  3. Hi Denise, Love the photos on your blog. The quilts are amazing.

  4. wow, just lovely designs. i'm going to look around more. please stop by my blog when you get a chance. have a great weekend. take care. ( :

  5. I love your blog, I had to become a follower to see what new pieces you make.

  6. HI Denise! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I love yours. I love making so many different things. You have a beautiful family. Welcome to 'grandmotherhood' there is NOTHING Like it.....
    can't wait to share future creations

  7. Love your blog! Glad you joined in. Stop by and visit me when you get a chance.

  8. you have so many talents, such creativity I am going to enjoy following your journeys and surely learning from you.

  9. Wow! You are a creative busy lady ~

    Popped in on the Grow Your Blog hop.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  10. It was fun to pop by your have many talents! How nice that you are honoring your mother! My mom is in the last throws of Alzheimer's right now---oh, our dear, sweet moms!

    Stop by my blog when you get the chance. I have my fingers in lots of different crafty things, too!

  11. Ohmy gosh you are not just an artist, but a muli-talented artist. this is such fun meeting all these new bloggers.

  12. Enjoyed reading your artistic journey and learning more about you and your interests. Your quilt is beautiful. As a beginning quilter I am in awe! I participated in your charm swap in our ALl Things Tim Group and met you through it.
    I too was blessed to have an artistic, crafty Mom and grandmother. Your snowflake journal is a sweet tribute. I'm sure you felt your Mom's love as you designed each page.

  13. You are so amazingly talented and creative! What a lovely remembrance to your mom by sharing this blog. It's been a pleasure meeting you.


  14. I am already a follower but how wonderful to hear about your inspiration, moms are the best.

  15. love mixed media. your tim holtz piece is awesome! found you throught the gyb party. hope you'll visit me as well. happy creating!

  16. Denise, what a pretty name! (My mom liked it too) Love the variety of your talents. I still haven't decided what when I grow up! I dabble in all sorts of things. Paper is my favorite for now. I have touch much fabric and textiles of all sorts in my craft finding what I want to do moments. I will be stopping back from time to time!

  17. We are like women. I love mixed media and yours is just beautiful. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. It will be fun to see what you are creating. Di @ Cottage-wishes

  18. Wow Denise, you are gifted with so many amazing talents. Love your work.

  19. Love the cross stitch project and the quilt is lovely. Great work.

  20. I found you by way of the blog party and I'm glad I did. Glancing back over your posts, I found your Big Girl Panties one...we all need to hear that from time to time, don't we! I'm looking forward to coming back and visiting soon.

  21. You are very talented. I will enjoy following you. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  22. Oh there anything you don't dabble in? Your post is great. I'm having great fun at the blog party. Can't wait to see what you whip up next!

    Aloha from Vicki

  23. My goodness! You are multi-talented. I crochet and cross-stitch and do some papercrafting. Other bloggers have inspired me to try so many things I never would have imagined. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  24. Wow! You are a busy person. You've inspired me to think about other crafts. I'm going to follow your blog for more inspiration. Best wishes, Una, Great Balls of Wool blog

  25. Hello Denise!! I LOVE your blog and your attitude:):) You sound a lot like me:):) I am a quilter first..but, I have my hands in a lot of things:):) I am your newest follower :):) Oh..I live in Scottsdale, Az. We are neighbors:):)hugs

  26. You sure have a good eye
    If you visit I will visit

  27. You are amazingly talented! I am now following your lovely blog!

  28. Love your stitches and everything else! You have a lovely blog. I'm new follower and 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun in at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  29. Hi,
    Dropping by from the Grow Your Blog event. What lovely crafts. And I would love to win your snow flake mini journal. Sounds beautiful. I made paper flowers for the table decoration at my son's wedding - 180 roses! What a task, but I loved it.

    I am also making my give-away - a hand woven scarf. Stop by and see the progress. I love visitors.


  30. visiting via Vicki's GYB Party and love the work of your hands and heart. I've some giveaways on my GYB post; if you've time, please come for a visit.
    that necklace is fabulous!

  31. I always say that one can never have too many hobbies. My husband disagrees with me. ;)

  32. Hello :D
    Nice to meet you at the party!.
    Great blog!
    Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  33. Your talents are so diverse...your work so lovely.
    I look forward to delving into your blog, though it may be a little while, as I'm only about halfway through the blog hop!
    What fun it's been so far!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  34. Love your Lizzie Kate!!! She designs some fun stuff!

  35. I like all the things you have been working on. I know I am going to enjoy reading your blog.

  36. Hi Denise,

    You lost me after quilter! I am a quilter too. You are so very talented. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    It is great to meet you through Vicki's GYB party.

    If you have a chance, please drop by

  37. Hi Denise...I'm still working my way through all the blogs, lol. You have many talents...everything looks great!

  38. Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. Love your jewelry pieces.

  39. Hi Denise,
    I enjoyed visiting you via the gybp event. Your artwork is so pretty. Love your jewelry...

  40. Hi, you love to do all kinds of artsy things, just like me! I think my favorite from this post is your Tim Holz box that you altered -- how fun!!

  41. Hi Denise, thanks for visiting Boulderneigh today, and for your condolences on my sheep. That's the hard part of loving animals.

    P.S. I'm Michelle; Maggie was a recent commenter.

    1. Well, I'm a dork! So embarrassed!

      Sorry, Michelle...I went to your blog and left a new comment - with your correct name!

      Oops! denise :D

  42. I am Denise also.... and I love a multitude of crafts. Mostly into paper arts, but over the years, some beading, some felting, some stained glass, a tiny bit of quilting. But the paper arts have held my interest. I have taken one Tim Holtz class but it was a long time ago at a retreat. Love the shadowbox you created!
    Found you from the GYB hop!

  43. A beautiful Blog, Denise. And, such a lovely tribute; visit me for my giveaway, too. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  44. great blog!... found you through the blog party :) I'm over at

  45. I like the variety of your art - and of course I especially like your mixed media art. Beautiful.

  46. I see that we like lots of the same things. Only your quilts are wonderful and that is something I have not yet started doing, so maybe this year or so I always say at the beginning of a new year.

  47. Wow. You ARE an artist with a great gift!
    You don't just dabble in all things, you do so very well.

    I thank you for visiting my blog which gave me a chance to visit yours.

  48. Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. I already visited you and left a comment on January 21st. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  49. Hello Denise, wonderful to visit your blog..What a great way to meet like minded women..Still working my way thru all the blogs..such delight.

  50. Love the cross stitch pattern you've shown in this post - do you happen to know what it's called? Might like to stitch it myself...

    1. It is called "Aging Artfully" and is by Lizzie Kate. I loved it when I saw it. Knew I had to make it. :)

      blessings, denise :D

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