Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Handmade Gifts

Christmas 2012 - All my gifts were going to be handmade...
So I dug out old craft books - quilting, cross-stitching,
and even PlAsTiC CaNvAs!
 Really old plastic canvas books - circa 1993 to be exact.
Check out that price!
 They would be perfect for my father who has cancer
and lives in an assisted living facility.
He always has a box of klennex on his desk
as well as the night stand beside his bed.
 So I chose patterns that resembled quilts
and used yarns in the colors of his decor.
I know he'll love 'em!
When I told my sister what I was making she had to laugh...
until I told her I was making one for her, too.  :)
She'll actually very excited and even wants it for her office.
Family - the best gift God could ever give us!
blessings, denise  :D

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