Friday, January 25, 2013

Kaffe Fusion Crochet Quilt

Several months ago I found this beautiful 'crochet quilt' on
Heidi's Blog - Sewing Daisies
She has step-by-step instructions to create your own.
Well, what fun! I thought to myself.
So I shared it with my quilting bee friends and
three of us started our own versions.

I chose to use this funky little charm pack I had
from Moda called "Tranquility".
The title seemed appropriate...
my life has much stress in it,
so I most definitely could use a bit of tranquility. 

First I sewed all the charms together in pairs.
We decided to add a light-weight batting.
The instructions do not call for it,
but we felt it needed a little more body to it.
After top-stitching around the edges,
 I finished them up with a buttonhole stitch.
This is done by hand.

I used two charm pack of 48 charms (96 total)
so I now have 48 squares.
I just love the colors and patterns in this collection!
Aren't they just the happiest lil' fellas?
I will set mine 6 squares x 8 squares.

Next I began the crocheting part around each square.
Now it had been many years since I had last picked up a needle and yarn.  :}
So it took me awhile to get in the groove and pick up that crocheting rythym.
But I did...eventually!

I have 36 of my 48 finished so far.

Once all of my squares have been crocheted 
it will be time to sew them together.
The original instructions say to just use a slip-stitch to connect them,
but I am going to add a pretty little crocheted "sashing" between mine.
This will add some zing to it...
and also make it bigger!  ----
And that's a good thing!
So stay tuned.  I will post it when it is complete.
It's my take-along project for now and until it is complete.
One of many UFOs to be completed this year.  :)
blessings all,
denise  :D 


  1. Lovely - butI am confused - how to attach the crochet to the fabric. Do let me know.

    1. Annabelle:
      When you do the buttonhole stitch around each square that gives you your 'base' on which to attach your crochet to the square. Quite simple really. :D

  2. That is way COOL!!! Love it..cant wait to see it finished :):)

  3. what a great idea patchwork with crochet, another thing to add to my list of "things I want to do" it is already far too long and seems to grow daily

  4. I love your crochet edged squares. The quilt will look great. I think I might add this to my 2013 wish to make list. It's only 27th January and I've already seen far too many good ideas that I've added to my list

  5. This is going to be gorgeous when it is finished. Learning to crochet is on my to do list this year.

  6. now that is a neat idea! I have never seen a quilt like this one! I used to crochet like a maniac when I was in my teens and early 20s. Darn kids have taken all my sit still time away...and now I don't know how to sit long enough to do anything!!! lol
    Thanks for the visit today...I hope you will again soon...your blog is great...I will be back!