Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pups Loving The Snow

Twas the last day of 2012
When all through the hills
The snow was a'falling -
The air was quite still.

The front deck was covered
With beautiful snow
And the back deck echoed
So sweet and low;
"Come play, little puppies,
In the glistening white stuff -
Run and jump...
Just can't get enough."

So the pups called to mama
as they whined and cried;
"We wanna play now! Hurry!
Please take us outside!"

So the sweet, lil' pups
Known as Roxey and Belle
Had fun in the snow
As you can tell.

Roxey enjoyed her play
(in spite of the leash she had to wear) -

And Belle ran in the snow
with neither a worry or care.
Then mama said as she smiled with glee:
"Come, my little pups,
Let's go have a cup of warm tea."
Sending you all New Year's Day blessings
Filled with Peace, Hope, and Joy!
denise  :D

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  1. I always enjoy finding other "Denise's"--and when they're quilters and tea lovers to boot? Yay! I saw your name on the schedule for the upcoming "In Your Words" hop and thought I'd come over and say hello ... and become a follower! :)