Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to Town...Welcome to My Nest

Belle and I drove up to the mountain for a few days of rest and relaxation as well as spending time with my sister Sherri.

There's the mountain we are headed to...only a little longer, Belle. :)

Love this mountain village...and there's the mountain again. Getting closer...

Lil' deer greet us at the entry...

Roads are a bit treacherous. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive. Hold on, Belle...

Deeper and deeper into the forest we go. Almost there now...just around the corner.

And there it is...Niecy's Nest. I love this haven I have been blessed with. :)

And look, Belle! Real deer to greet us as we arrive. They are such gentle creatures. Love these lil' guys!

Where is your sanctuary? In the mountains? By the beach? On a deck or back patio? In your "studio"/sewing room/craft room? Tell me all about it. I'd love to know.

May you be blessed with your space and your time being who you are!

hugs, denise :D

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