Monday, December 26, 2011

For My Special Sister

I am obsessed with Industrial Chic line of jewelry making supplies by Susan Lenart Kazmer available exclusively at Michael's.

Check out this awesome collection at the Michael's website at,default,pg.html and some of her work at Susan's website at

I wanted to make something special for my sister Sherri for Christmas. So I gathered some charms and chains and a heart (because I love her so) and a bird (because I love birds and nests) and a snowflake (because our mother loved snowflakes).

After some arranging and rearranging I created this necklace for my sister. I focused on a variety of metals - brass, gold, copper, silver - and a bit of black. I purposely did not use a specific color scheme because I want her to be able to have a wider choice of what to wear it with.

The number 5 with the snowflake also has a special meaning. There were 5 of us kids growing up. :)

The chain is a combination of the metal tones I choose.

I think she will like her lil' gift from her sister.

Blessings to our sweet sisters-by-birth and our special sisters-by-luck that we love and that love us,

denise :D


  1. Hey Kiddo, Looking at the blog is really fun, I do believe that your sister will lover her necklace especially if it is from sister. The necklaces of your Blue Monday picture are great. Your moma my kinda woman. The snow looks like my back yard also on December 23rd here in Texas first White Christmas in 17 years. You have a fun blog.

  2. WOW! It's gorgeous!! I'm sure she'll love it!