Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a Weekend!...What a Blessing!

What a weekend! - - - I recently became the proud owner of a quaint lil' condo in Alto, New Mexico. The adventure of my first weekend spent in the mountains started off with a bit of off-road driving! Even with 4-wheel drive I still manged to slide off the side of the snow-packed road. It had snowed over 20" the two days prior to my arrival. I learned one does not brake when one comes to the top of a hill...
Luckily the snow kept me from sliding all the way down the hill though. After realizing they couldn't tow me out, they brought in the snow plow...
...and the tractor to plow the snow and shovel the snow. They (my 4 knights in shining armour!) managed to push my car down the hill after the snowplow removed the snow and the tractor plowed the ground to make a road. My little dog, Belle, was in my car the entire time...growling and barking at my knights!
From there Paul - the head knight - drove my car the rest of the way to my condo...and I walked. Belle and I were happy to be on solid ground. :D

What a blessing!...Oh, deer! Yes, deer everywhere. They will walk right up to you looking for food. They love apples. It is so peaceful and therapeutic. Thanks, Mom, for making it possible. You are a blessing to your children and grandchildren. I love you!

My sister, Sherri, and her friend from high school, Lisa, were also there for the weekend. Sherri has a condo of her own in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I so enjoy our sister-time!

After a wee bit of shopping we enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner at the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino and resort...
...and played some slot machines. No, we did not win the jackpot. Not even close!

Sunday morning, after a yummy home-style breakfast at a local - and very popular - restuarant, I attended services at this too cute log cabin Methodist church. Friendly folks and a warm welcome! God is good! What a blessing!

Spent the rest of the day hanging quilts and doing a bit of decorating...adding some personal touches to make the place my "nest"! I have named it "Niecey's Nest." When I was a little girl my nickname was Niecey. My dad and oldest brother will still call me that. What a blessing!
My sweet baby Belle found her favorite place to watch her mama at work...
Yes, what a weekend...what a blessing! May we all experience the grace of God and share of ourselves as He has given to us.

Create with your hands what God has created in your heart.

Hugs, Niecey :D

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