Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Dog's Life!

Oh, to live the life of a dog. What a pleasure. Well, if you're a loved-live-in-the-house dog that is! Let me introduce to my three baby girls...

This is Roxy. I acquired this sweet 3 year old Min-Pin from Amy, a friend of my oldest daughter (Jenn). My beautiful baby Penny (also a Min-Pin) had gone to doggy heaven two years ago. After months and months of grieving terribly, I wanted another Min-Pin. But after "pricing" them...I knew they were beyond my doggy budget. (Penny had been a gift to my youngest daughter, Rebekah. When she got married, Penny became my best friend.)
So one day when I was in Austin visiting Jenn, her friend Amy brought Roxy over to visit. Long story short...Amy needed to find a new home for Roxy. I was so excited. Thank you, God! So Roxy and I made the long 8 hour drive back home. She was welcomed by Liberty and Belle. Roxy is my lovey!

This is Belle. She is the Queen Dog...Alpha Bitch...Big Britches of the three. She doesn't know she's the smallest. I acquired Belle from a parent at the school where I work. She was trying to sell the puppies. doggy-budget! At the end of the day, the sweet mom brought Belle to me and wanted me to have her. Belle is a Dachsund-mix. Belle is my sweetheart.

Meet my beautiful Liberty. Another dog acquired from someone else, Liberty came to live with us when my boyfriend's son, Andres, had to get rid of the wee little puppy he had been given. Liberty, being a Lab and Ridgeback mix, did not stay wee little very long. When Andres could not keep Liberty anymore, I took her in. There was actually a time when she first came to live with us that she could walk under Belle's legs...for a couple of weeks at the longest! Liberty is my precious.
Now why, you ask, am I telling you about my dogs? and how I acquired them? and what kind of dogs they are? Well, some of us are much like these little critters. We came to be where we are in a variety of ways. We may have started out in one place only to find ourselves in another. All the while being loved by many. Sometimes we cause chaos and at other times we are the peace of a gentle snuggle to someone we love. Just like Belle and Roxy and Liberty, we each have our own idiosyncrasies...our lil quirks that make us who we are. Their loyalty and unconditional love are a testament to us all to give of ourselves as they do...expecting nothing in return. (Well, okay...maybe a dog biscuit or treat.) My life has been blessed by these beautiful girls - my Belle, Roxy, and Liberty.
Blessings for a Dog's Life! Hugs to you all. :D

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  1. Hi there!
    So nice to hear from someone near me!
    Keep up doing art! :)