Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amazing Love

Today I had the most awesome opportunity to meet two members of my church (Marion and Jeri) as well as get to know another member (Sara - our Director of Music) much better. Our church, Vista Ysleta Methodist Church, sponsored the Sweet Life Cafe. It was a day spent with women of God as we celebrated the amazing love God has for us. Not greater love is there on earth.
We began the morning by choosing a mug or cup in which to enjoy our tea or coffee as we registered for the day. After everyone was registered, we were instructed to find the other attendees who had a mug or cup like ours. These lovely ladies then became our Sweet Cafe Table Mates for the day. We talked about why we had chosen our particular cup...we like the finer things of life, we enjoy our tea or coffee with the daintiness of a china cup and saucer. :D Because we are just plain classy women!

We participated in numerous games and activities, sang songs of praise and worship, and got to know each other better. For lunch we were served a delicious variety of salads and desserts. We could choose to sit with other women for I sat with two of my fellow sopranos in choir - Linda and Mary. Linda had brought her friend from work, Lynne. We had a delightful visit and I learned more about my choir buddies.

This heartwarming day was held in the church's Holy Grounds Cafe. What a treasure women friends are to us. Truly one of God's many gifts to us. Thank you, Lord.
One of the activities we did involved making bags of cinnamon pancake mix to be given to women less fortunate than ourselves. We shared what "spices and ingredients" make our lives rich.

We then wrapped them and tied them with a pretty bow and a special message that we wrote especially to them. I chose a tea towel with birds and birdhouses. My message said, "May this add spice to your life with God's love."

We each prayed over our specially wrapped gift and placed it on the altar. After tomorrow's church service they will be given to someone as a symbol of God's love.

What a day filled with amazing love...the love God has for me...the love my table mates showered upon me...and the love of the special ladies of our church who made the day possible.
May your Valentine's Day be filled with the love of friends and family...and God!
Hugs, Denise

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