Sunday, June 29, 2014

Listen To Your Heart

Oh, I am a bad mommy.  I very, very bad mommy.  :(

On Tuesday of this week I made the decision - very poor decision -
to surrender ownership of my dear Roxey.

Roxey barked too much.
Roxey ran when the front door was opened.
Roxey chewed up random things.
Roxey peed and pooped in the house.

Roxey is the most loving and loveable dog ever!

Belle missed her sweet friend, Roxey.

I missed my snuggly bed buddy, Roxey.

My daughter was sad that her mommy didn't have Roxey.

The terrific trio were not together.
Roxey was gone.

I had a long talk with God last night -
(A very long talk - I couldn't sleep)
 He told me to "bring that baby home where she belongs."

A peace filled me. 
 I awoke this morning feeling it would all be okay.

So a friend and I went to the human society to retrieve my Roxey.
She will be 'released for adoption' on Tuesday.
Roxey and I will go to doggy school together.
I will be a better mommy.  :)

Roxey is coming home!

I have learned to always Listen To My Heart!

Thank you, God, for protecting my precious baby
until she can be home in my arms.

Roxey kisses to you all.  Woof!  :D

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  1. I love this and am so happy she's back where she belongs. I especially love that you listened to God and followed your heart!! xoxo