Friday, September 11, 2009

Something old...something new...

"Something old...something new." Not just for the lovely bride on her wedding day, but for each of us every day. Cherish something old and dear to you - a family photos perhaps, a piece of your grandmother's jewelry, a handmade card by your son or daughter (circa Kindergarten) - or your favorite doll when you were a little girl yourself. What do they all hold? Memories...memories of love and comfort. Today's moments will be tomorrow's memories. How will your preserve them?

I've promised myself to devote more time preserving those memories - thanks to Creative Escape - in the form of books. BIG books and little books - books with lots of pockets and folds and pages that reveal surprises. Books that take me back to those days of love and comfort. Yes, they did exist...if only in my little girl mind at times.

Another form of preserving those precious possessions is through jewelry making. Thanks to Art Unraveled and learning to solder, I can now make those wonderful necklaces and bracelets I've until now only admired from afar. Using my mother's and grandmother's jewelry, old silverware, and other trinkets, I plan to create lasting treasures not only for myself, but also for my sister, daughters, niece, niece-in-law, and sister-in-laws.

Make memories each day! With your family and friends - or just with yourself.
xoxo, denise

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  1. Hi, I was also inspired at Creative Escape to make more books. I like this idea as it is not as overwhelming as making a whole scrapbook! Yours is very beautiful