Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hannah goes to the hospital

Today began with church, sang in the choir, guest pastor delivered a wonderful sermon, and ate lunch with my daughter, Bekah. Drove to the home of my church/choir member friend, Tori, for a nice afternoon of scrapbooking. Was going to work on my memory book from Creative Escape. Well, God had different plans. Tori's brown lab, Hannah, got bit by something. Her little eyes were swollen almost shut and her muzzle was HUGE. So off we drove to the animal emergency hospital - Hannah and Tori in the back seat and me driving the "doggie ambulance." After several hours...and many friends...two shots...and some TLC from the wonderful staff, Hannah was on the road to recovery. She was quite a popular girl! As we were leaving, people in the waiting room were saying, "Bye, Hannah."
Have you ever noticed how God has different plans for us quite often? Through Hannah's trip to the hospital Tori and I were able to meet many other dog and cat mommies and daddies. We witnessed the love they had for their "fur family." Some had happy endings...and some did not. We experienced the kindness and caring of the staff - even with the long wait. The doctor had an emergency surgery to perform. Her gift from God - saving the lives of animals. And last, but certainly not least, Tori and I were given the opportunity to become better friends.

So...thank you, God, for Hannah's trip to hospital. :D

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  1. Oh the poor puppy! What good dog mommies you gals are! Glad for happy endings and insight.