Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hot chiles on a cool day...

What a way to spend a cool fall morning - a leisurely drive through cotton fields and pecan groves to buy freshly picked and roasted long green chiles. These aren't just store-bought-roast-in-the-parking-lot chiles. No sir...these are fresh home-grown chiles from southern New Mexico - home of the best chiles ever. I'm a wimp...muy guera (very white girl in Spanish!). I had to buy the mild ones called Big Jims. They'll be great for chile rellenos, salsa, and quesadillas. Muy yummy, mi amigos.
In addition to cotton fields in bloom (guess that's what you call cotton that the little "pod" has opened and it's ready to be picked), we saw a quite unusual bird in the fields. Looked a lot like a sea gull. I'll have to ask my bird-friend, Karen, what that strange birdie is called.
Even met an old...really named Guero (white boy in Spanish.)

Cool morning with warm hearted friends. What a blessed Saturday morning. :D


  1. Lovely blog Denise, Hey I've been to Chandler and Phoenix, fancy that. Were you on the first Tim Holtz cruise or are you going to the second one in Mexico. I love those chillies, were you burning them? That would have made you cough and splutter lol

  2. love your are doing a great job.. thanks

  3. Your doing a wonderful job....something I haven't ever thought of trying. Your brave...keep it up ! Diane

  4. oh wow! big jims roasting in the fire drum. that is one part of new mexico i really miss. had to move back to the midwest to take care of my mother. like your blog

  5. Welcome to blogland! Yeah! Enjoy!

  6. Your note on AllThingsTim brought me to your blog and I think your blog is wonderful!!! Also your Art!! Keep posting!!