Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Moda "Be My Neighbor" Quilt-Along Blocks #5 & #6

Hello, Friends Near and Far!

It has been a crazier than usual last couple of weeks!  :}

Last weekend was the annual quilt retreat that I host.
It is called "Come To The Mountains" Quilters' Retreat
and is held the first weekend of October each year
at the gorgeous and glorious 
Sacramento Methodist Assembly in Sacramento, NM.

As you can imagine, it takes lots of preparation and planning.
So I have been busy as a bee for the last month or so 
with last minute gifts, games, and goody bags!

(I'll share more about the upcoming retreat in another blog post.)

Here are the next two blocks for the
Moda "Be My Neighbor" Quilt-Along...

From last week - Block #5

(Click on the image above to view pattern for Block #5.)

From this week - Block #6

(Click on the image above to view pattern for Block #6.)

I did manage to get my blocks completed, but don't have my camera
with me so that I can take a photo.  I'll be sure to include them next week.

You might want to check out Pat Sloan's blog.
She has jumped in the "Be My Neighbor" Quilt-Along
and has several variations that other quilters have shared on her blog.

Great "Neighborhoods"!...
Your Be My Neighbor Blocks
(Click on the image above to go to Pat Sloan's blog.)

Ya'll have fun now - hear?
blessings, denise  :D

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