Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vintage Charm and Matchbox

I wanted to share the charms and matchboxes
that I made for a swap on the All Things Tim Yahoo Groups.
Here they are all lined up ready to go into their little bags for shipping.

The tulle is from a bridal headpiece I made for my daughter's wedding.
The ribbon, black beads, little pearls, and rhinestone sprigs
were used in the bride's bouquet and bridemaid's flowers.
I made them, well as her wedding dress.
Her wedding had a WW II theme - very vintage and elegant.

When the matchbox is opened a little charm is tucked inside.

The pearl is from a pearl necklace that belonged to my late mother.
And there's that tulle again...from my daughter's wedding accessories.

Here's a close up of the lady's portrait on the top of the matchbox.
I just love her!  :)
She's got sprigs and branches of some sort
draped around her neck and as part of her hat.
Isn't she lovely?...Oh, so lovely!
And here is my beautiful daughter on her wedding day!
blessings, blogland friends.  denise  :D


  1. They're gorgeous! Wonderful attention to detail! And lovely wedding picture of your daughter too.

    1. Thank you, Cathy, for the kind words. :D

  2. what lovely little boxes I should think being so small they must have been very fiddly to do.
    A beautiful bridal photo

    1. I appreciate the comment, Margaret. How very sweet of you. I really enjoy working with little things. I used to make dollhouses, miniature dolls, and furniture for the dollhouses. :D

  3. beautiful!! Love the box's and the charms and that you shared their history and a picture of your beautiful daughter. Great job!!

    1. Thanks, Denise, for your nice comment. My daughter's wedding was absolutely wonderful. :D

  4. Denise,
    Just received my matchboxes from the swap,and they are all wonderful,but I think yours is my favorite! It's so feminine and pretty! And made all the more special by the use of treasured mementos. Thanks for playing and for sharing such special memories!