Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Streets of New York City

I went to NYC in September to participate in the Tunnel to Tours Run.  On one of the days we were there, my boyfriend and I both kind of went our own ways.  I wanted to "wander a bit" and that did not sound appealing to him at all.  So off I went...thinking I knew exactly where I was and where I was going.  Boy, was I mistaken!  It took me awhile to realize there is a Broadway and a West Broadway in lower Manhattan.  I wandered for an hour or so - totally lost and trying to find myself and where I was.  Thank heavens for cell phones with GPS!  But on my journey - walking for block after block - I saw some wonderful things...

 I came across an Anthropologie store.  I'd never been to one.  Too pricey for my budget, but a fun place to visit.  I arranged these cute letters to express how I was feeling at the moment!

Then as I was crossing a street - tryng to avoid being hit by the crazy drivers of NYC - I saw this on the side of a building. true!  It provided a sense of comfort to me.

These are my favorite.  Spray painted on the sidewalk around manhole covers.  Don't you just love 'em!  :)

And finally...this banner - "What goes around comes around."  Isn't life just like that?  Made me realize how important being tolerant and patient with others really is in order to be happy in my own skin with who I am.
blessings, denise  :D

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