Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where, oh, where have I been?

Where, oh, where have I been?
It's been way too long since I posted...
what happened?
Well, let's see ---
In February I was one sick lil' puppy.
With a fever of 101.7, I was in bed
with little to no strength to do anything.
Two trips to the doctor for coughing and difficulty breathing.
Diagnosed first time with bronchitis
and the second time with pnemonia and bronchitis.
Lots of meds - steroids - breathing treatments -
inhalers - and (best of all) bed rest
and I was finally feeling better.  :)
So now I am a happy puppy again!
Been working on a Mystery Quilt
that I am hosting for a local quilt guild
that I am a member of.
Boy, that has kept me busy!
Am thinking about hosting one here...
What do you think?
Would you participate?
Have also been working on a blog hop project -
(More on that later.)
Thanks for stopping more. 
Gotta get up off my doggone haunches and get back to work/play!
Sending you all puppy lovin'!
denise  :D


  1. Glad you're feeling better. I've never taken part in a mystery quilt but it sounds like fun.

  2. No fun being that sick! Glad you are back on your feet and can't wait to see your project for the Stitch me up blog hop.

  3. Oh my. I had bronchitis when I was 8 months pregnant and it was not fun. Had to take a week off of work because I could barely make it through the handset exchange script (not to mention walking and stuff). Glad you're better now.

  4. Did you know you are on the schedule of stitch me up that you signed up for....
    You must have dropped out and did not let us know...our apologies for not adjusting the schedule