Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cotton Candy Tea!

Oh, what to do...what to do!
I've been working all day on the little snowflake mini-journal
for the giveaway on a recent post for the "Grow Your Blog" Party.
I went to fix myself a nice cup of hot tea...
then realized I was out of sugar.
Oh, no!  What do I do?
Usually I just brown sugar when this happens,
but today I saw this bag of cotton candy on the kitchen counter.
I absolutely love cotton candy!
And you don't have to go to
the rodeo...
the circus...
and football game
to buy it!
They sale it at the store!
(Though not quite as yummy as the fresh cotton candy.)

So I added a bit to my hot tea -
then a bit more
until it was sweetened just right.  :}

Now the color was quite funky...
kind of a blue-greenish!
But it was delicious!
I liked my cotton candy tea so much
that I made myself another cup
and continued working on that
snowflake mini-journal.
Sweet blessings, my friends,
denise  :D


  1. This is just too 'funny'!!!
    thanks for sharing--
    hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. That is, perhaps, the oddest looking tea I've ever seen! What was the base tea, just regular? I like your idea and I bet it was interesting to watch it dissolve and change color. I have one of those little cotton candy machines (for the kids, sure, for the kids in the family!) and, if there's ever any left-overs, now I know what to do!