Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Charming Valentine's Day

I participated in two charm swaps with the Art Charms Yahoo Group. 
One swap was "All Hearts" Charms.
The other swap was "Red and Pink" Charms.
It was my first swaps with this groups...
I was very pleased with each and every one of the charms!

 Using two different Metal Gallery chains, I made a sweet necklace...

...to wear on Valentine's Day with my red sweater.  :)

Wishing you all lots of love on this Valentine's Day,
denise  :D


  1. That looks great! I really like the way you hung it off of the plain chain. : )

  2. Denise - ooooh, this IS lovely! You did a wonderful job of pulling it all together! Well done! xoxo, c

  3. Wow! I made a rather full bracelet with mine, but I'm loving it as a necklace! Looked great with the red sweater!

  4. Great way to show off your charm exchange results! Isn't it wonderful those 2 work so well together!