Monday, May 30, 2011

In Memory of My Mama

My mother went to heaven 3 years ago this past March 31 (my oldest daughter's, Jenn, 33rd birthday day.) My sister, Sherri, and I decided soon after that we wanted to get a snowflake tatoo in memory of our mom who loved snowflakes. My youngest daughter, Bekah, wanted to be a part of this special tribute as well. :D
This Memorial Weekend is the first time that the three of us have been together all at the same time. What better place to have our tatoos done than in the beautiful mountain village of Ruidoso, NM where our mother loved to come. And it's Bekah's birthday today. :)

That's me on the left...My tatoo has three showflakes to represent my three children Jenn, Chris, and Bekah. My daughter, Bekah, has a a snowflake that is the same as the one I have that is her snowflake. My sister, Sherri, has one snowflake that represents her son, Brett.

Our artist, Turtle, prepares to begin my snowflake tatoo. Yikes!

I have to admit...I did hurt - sometimes more so than others...but not too bad. It was worth every minute of it.

The three snowflakes are complete. Now he is adding the filigree in a "sweeping snow storm" effect.

Almost finished...I love it. Bekah said, "It is so you, Mom."

Now Bekah's turn. She's an ol' pro at this. This was a first for us old folks.

Sherri was actually the first one of us to have it done. Just like when we were younger..."You go first, little sister! I'll be right behind ya!"

And here we are with our special snowflakes in memory of our Mom and my children's MeMommy. We love you!


  1. I too have decided to devote more time to my blog -- good luck to you and to me!!! My 2 BFF's and I got matching sea turtles when we turned 50, and they are so special. Congrats on your cute little snowflakes. I love the meaning behind them.

  2. Love your tatoo. I got mine last June. Mine symbolizes myself, my 5 children & my 10 grandchildren.