Friday, November 12, 2010


Trust...such a simple word. Yet such a difficult task. As humans we are born with trust, because we have never known untrust. It is only after trust is broken or lost that we become fearful and do not trust...others or ourselves. But our 4-legged friends are just the opposite. They are born untrusting...they must learn to trust. These beautiful deer have learned to trust with caution. Oh, if we as human could do the same... run to something or someone - instead of away... feel the warmth of another's touch... eat out of the hands of another without fear.
Trust with all your heart, my friends. :D
Blessings to all, denise

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  1. hehee, you have friends for life! Just make sure to check for ticks after you're around them...lime disease and all... I love watching young deer play together, hope you get to see that some day. `CLS