Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you! God has blessed me in so many ways. Yesterday I was sad because Thanksgiving dinner was only going to be my daughter, Bekah, and me. My two oldest children, Jenn and Chris, weren't able to join us. Too expensive to fly...not enough time off to drive. My plan was to just go eat at Luby's - no cooking, no dishes. But then Bekah said, "What is Thanksgiving without cooking and dishes?" So we cooked..and did dishes! She invited some of her friends and we had a delightful time. They are now watching the Dallas Cowboys game. Go, 'Boys!

The little trinket/hot pad above was my dear mother's. Every holiday meal at her house was served on her collection of various hot pads. Though she could never claim fame to being a good cook, she made up for it in her creativity. Just had to include one of the hot pads in the centerpiece for the table. I love you, Mom. Did they serve turkey and ham in heaven? :D
Lunch cooked: 5 hours. Lunch eaten: 20 minutes. Kitchen cleaned: 30 minutes. Now cheering on the Team of Texas - the Dallas Cowboys: priceless! Love that Belle!...

...and my sweet baby Roxy! Thank you, God, for our abundant blessings.
Give thanks, denise

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  1. da-da-da-daaaaaa! oh Denise, she is entirely too spoiled. only thing missing is the crown, teehehe! she's so lucky. bless you!