Monday, October 5, 2009

Relaxing and Refeshing Ruidoso

In the mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico during the Aspenfest Weekend...

Meet my new friend! :D He was visiting outside our cabin...with his fish to share!

The splendor of the aspens as they change colors...brilliant and breath-taking beauty.

Saturday morning along the Ruidoso River. Cool, clear mountain water. Blessings...
Little cabin in the woods...Forest Home Cabins in Ruidoso, New Mexico. So cozy.

My boyfriend/significant other and I spent a wonderful relaxing and refreshing weekend in the mountains of New Mexico this past weekend. We drove up Friday evening and stayed in a wonderful cabin on the Ruidoso River.

Then on Saturday we had a delicious breakfast while waiting for the Aspenfest parade to pass through town. Went to the wonderful store of DeCarol Jewelry. Of course I couldn't resist taking home one of her gorgeous rings. :D Love the cross on the side...

Next we went to the Aspenfest Arts and Crafts Show in the park. Cool and rainy, but such fun. Had hot chocolate...with extra whipping cream...and pistochio carmel popcorn from a local pistachio farm. Yum! Bought some wonderful cashmere and silk shawls.
Then we drove the beautiful winding mountain road over to Cloudcroft, New Mexico were we went to another arts and crafts show...and visited more little shops full of unique finds. More awesome handmade arts from people with like passions - giving of their hearts through their hands.

God's glory was everywhere. Thanks, mi amor, for sharing it with me. :D

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