Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Moda "Be My Neighbor" Quilt-Along - Blocks #7 - #9

Oh, boy!  Have I been the most negligent blogger or what?

I have been so busy making shop samples, 
planning classes, teaching classes, 
ordering fabrics, books, tools, patterns and 'stuff',
hosting a Quilters' Retreat in early October,
going to Quilt Market in Houston, and 
preparing for the One-Year Birthday of my little quilt store
that I have gotten soooo far behind in my
Moda "Be My Neighbor" Quilt-Along!

Please accept my sincere apologies...again!

I don't have finished pictures, but I wanted 
to be sure you at least had the patterns.

Block #7

Block #8

Block #9

(Unable to copy/paste image for Block #9)  :(

Thank you for your patience!  :D


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